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A brief history of the early days of Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd formed in 1965 in Cambridge, England, the four original members of Pink Floyd all met in London whilst studding for their degrees.
They were, Syd Barrett, lead guitarist, Roger Waters, the bass player Rick Wright keyboardist and Nick Mason drummer.
Pink floyd spent their early days going by the names of 'Meggadeaths' or the Abdabs It was Syd Barrett‘s idea to call the band Pink Floyd apparently a merge of two American blues bands - Pink Anderson and the Floyd council.
Their first album Piper at the Gates of Dawn, which had several successful singles, and was a great success with Pink Floyd being seen as a cult underground group.
It was at this time that the members of Pink Floyd became heavily involved in drugs especially acid because of this the founder Syd Barret had a mental break down due the amount of drugs he was taking. He was then replaced by David Gilmour who had a major influence on the band because of his style of guitar playing.
Pink Floyd`s next album A Saucer Full of Secrets was a mix of both Barrett‘s and Gilmour’s work but was not as successful as their first album,People viewed this as the demise of the Pink Floyd.
In the period between 1968 and 1970, the early years after the departure of Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd struggled to find popularity with out their main player It was at this time that the bass player Roger Waters started to become the songwriter.
Although the newcomer Gilmour started to compose also. The group continued its psychedelic roots but the new element of David Gilmour`s steady distinct guitar playing began to emerge which was apparent on their new album Ummagumma. (which is slang in the West country for sex)
This album showed the band being unable of composing the short pop gems Barrett could. It instead contained long instrumentals such as Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun. At this point people were beginning to realize how good Pink Floyd were, and in this transitional period they became popular across both sides of the Atlantic.
Dark Side of the Moon, has sold over 20 million albums, and now it is selling at one million a year making it, I believe, one of the most best selling group albums of all time. Dark side of the moon was their first concept album, with waters writing lyrics and all four composing.
In 1975 came a successful follow up album Wish You Were Here, which contained Shine on You Crazy Diamond which was a 25 minute tribute masterpiece for Syd Barrett.
In 1979 Pink floyd produce 'The Wall' which is Roger Waters brainchild. As with the band's previous three studio albums the Wall is a concept album, and deals largely with themes of abandonment and personal isolation.
In 1983 the band releases The Final Cut, which is lyrically an amazing album, it receives the tag by many Floyd fans as the bands worst album. This was the end of Roger Waters and he formally leaves the band in 1985.
In 1986 Nick Mason and David Gilmour re contravene Pink Floyd after a bitter Roger Raters unsuccessfully tries to stop the comeback in court.Pink Floyd comeback with a massively successful A Momentary Lapse of Reason.
In March 1994 after a long break, Pink Floyd return with The Division Bell, the Division Bell reaches #1 in the US and UK Following this they release Pulse in 1995 which reaches #1 again in the US and UK.
In my last few notes i would like to pay tribute to Richard Wright who passed away September 16, 2008
He wrote or co-wrote many of the band's songs, and frequently provided a crucial component of the Pink Floyd sound.
Richard Wright was born in London in 1943 and taught himself to play keyboards. Quote "I know we've made some great songs and great music but I can't tell you why we're so popular,"

Solo Albums

Syd Barrett

The Madcap Laughs January 1970

Barrett November 1970

Opel April 1989

Octopus May 1992

Wouldn't You Miss Me: The Best of Syd Barrett April 2001

Roger Waters

The Pros and Cons of Hitch-Hiking May 1984

Radio K.A.O.S. June 1987

The Wall: Live in Berlin August 1990

Amused to Death September 1992

In the Flesh December 2000

Flickering Flame April 2002

To Kill the Child/Leaving Beirut September 2004

Ca Ira September 2005

David Gilmour

David Gilmour May 1978

About Face February 1984

On An Island March 2006

Rick Wright

Wet Dream May 1978

Broken China October 1996

Nick Mason

Fictitious Sports May 1981

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