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Cool gadget of the moment and one of the hottest toys on the market Air Swimmers See the video on You Tube

Laser Star

Now kids can wish upon lots of stars when they transform an ordinary bedroom into their own private star-filled universe. Two built-in precision glass lenses, plus a green laser and holographic technology create thousands of stars and an amazing light show. The coolest most amazing light show you will see anywhere! Laser Star creates thousand of stars with or without cloud formations. AC adapter is included. Simple to use, just plug it in. Includes a built-in key-hole slot for optional wall mounting. 3.75" x 11" x 8.5". This thing is awesome. Green laser light scattered all over the ceiling (or where ever you shine it.) The projector also puts an eerie blue cloud on the surface as well. There are no 'real' star constellations in this product but the simulation of stars and clouds is unreal. This isn't an educational tool at all - just a fun light show.